Origami Inspired Wine Tote

For your next dinner party invite, impress your friends by bringing a bottle of wine in an origami inspired wine tote.

Paper Tea Set

Paper Tea Set consists of 2 teapots, tea cup, saucer, creamer, and a sugar bowl. Made from 1 sheet of paper.

Christmas Tea

This clever design encourages people to drink tea together. Designed by “Mint”

Jasmine Tea Cube

A “tea bag” can be made from a square or circular sheet of paper. Holds tea leave…

Origami McChicken Wrapper

McDonalds McChicken sandwich wrapper has an image of an origami chicken. Instructions available here…

Origami Sea Bass

Start by folding an origami box with parchment paper and baking the sea bass inside the folded box

Origami Lager

The label on this beer bottle can be folded into an origami water lily. So elegant and class…

Orikaso Foldable Flatware

Orikaso comes from “ori” (to fold) and “kaso” (plastic). Flat sheets of polypropylene folded into cup, plate, bowl…

Textured Beer Cans

Humble beer cans are made possible by Yoshimaru Yoshimura (mechanical engineer) and Kōryō Miura (astrophysicist)