Devil Heart

Devil Heart Learn how to make this Devil Heart by Posummerny. Unlike normal origami hearts, this one has horns and a barbed tail! It fits under Origami Heart category and under Halloween Origami.   The original diagram ( is nicely hand-drawn; but, there are a few tricky steps which can be challenging. I decided to… Continue reading Devil Heart

Beating Heart

Origami Beating Heart This origami beating heart can be a part of a magic show! With just a pinch of a finger, the paper heart will pulsate making it look like a beating heart. You can make it beat fast, or make it beat slow. The good part is that it is easy to fold… Continue reading Beating Heart

Heart with Wings

Heart with Wings This Heart with Wings is a delightful model. It has one tricky step which involves a reverse fold but otherwise, it is not too difficult to make. If you use typical origami paper, then the wings will be white and the heart will be colored. Or, you can use double-sided origami paper… Continue reading Heart with Wings

Heart Table Card

Heart Table Card by Hans Birkeland This Heart Table Card is by Hans Birkeland and used to be found on this website: But this site is no longer active and we have captured the image and reproduced it here. Please contact us if you are the rightful owner of this diagram and wish for… Continue reading Heart Table Card

Origami Winged Heart

Heart from Triangle This Winged Heart origami model is not hard to make, yet it gives such pleasing results. With just 12 steps, you can make someone’s heart fly (figuratively, not literally). The model shown here is a little easier to fold because the color of the wings is the same color of the heart.… Continue reading Origami Winged Heart

Valentine Puzzle Purses

Valentine Puzzle Purses Puzzle purses are square pieces of paper folded into envelope-like packets. The paper is folded into thirds in both directions to form a grid of 9 smaller squares, or the the paper can be folded into a grid of 16ths. The creased paper is then collapsed upon itself to form a twist… Continue reading Valentine Puzzle Purses

Heart from Triangle

Heart from Triangle Learn to make this easy origami heart made from a triangular sheet of paper. It takes less than 5 minutes and if you start with a square sheet of paper, you can cut it into two triangles and make two hearts! Heart from Triangle instructions Start with a square sheet of paper… Continue reading Heart from Triangle

Temko Heart

Temko Heart Temko Heart is a super simple origami heart shown to me by the late Florence Temko. It is made from a square sheet of paper and you will need to cut or tear the paper a little bit. Don’t panic. Original Japanese origami models were made with paper with small cuts. This is… Continue reading Temko Heart

Heart from Square Paper

Heart from Square Paper   Learn how to make a basic origami heart from a square sheet of paper. No mess, no fuss, just easy and fast.   Heart from Square instructions   Start with a square sheet of paper with the white-side facing up. Fold and unfold along the diagonal in both directions. Fold… Continue reading Heart from Square Paper

Heart from Rectangle

Heart from Rectangle   Learn to make this easy rectangle heart: it is a paper heart made from a rectangular sheet of paper: if you start with a a square, cut it in half and make 2 hearts. Easy as pie! Heart from Rectangle Paper Instructions   Start with a square sheet of paper with… Continue reading Heart from Rectangle

Puzzle Purse Instructions

Puzzle Purse Instructions Start with a square piece of paper. Valley-fold it into thirds. Unfold. Repeat in the opposite orientation. You will have the outline of 9 smaller squares. Write a message in the center square. Example: Happy Valentine’s Day Can you fold this puzzle back to its original form? Fold the paper in half… Continue reading Puzzle Purse Instructions

Origami Fancy Heart

Origami Fancy Heart This Origami Fancy Heart is made with a rectangular sheet of paper. The easiest way to handle this is to take a square sheet of paper and cut it in half to get two rectangles. You can actually make the model using any size rectangle that is of ratio 2:1 or larger… Continue reading Origami Fancy Heart

Lucky Heart (with cutting)

Lucky Heart (with cutting) This paper heart is called a Lucky Heart because it is made in the same way the Lucky Stars are made. Perhaps the name of Puff Heart might be appropriate since this heart is puffy and not flat. The model uses one strip of paper and requires cutting.   Lucky Heart… Continue reading Lucky Heart (with cutting)

Lovers Knot

Lovers Knot The Lovers Knot is a very interesting and complicated origami model. It is a “traditional” model which is to say that it has been around for so long that no one really knows who invented it. More about the history of this origami model here. The idea goes like this: in the old… Continue reading Lovers Knot

Origami Love Knot

Origami Love Knot   The Origami Love Knot is sometimes called Lovers’ Knot but there is actually two different origami models which use both names. This one uses a strip of paper and is easier to make. Have you ever wanted to slip someone a note? It doesn’t have to be a love note, it… Continue reading Origami Love Knot

Lovers Knot variation

Lovers Knot variation This Lovers Knot variation produces the same result as the original instructions but the methodology is quite different. This sequence of folds starts with a waterbomb base instead of a blintz base. Please note that a similar diagram was made by Elsje van der Ploeg which you can see here. This pdf… Continue reading Lovers Knot variation

Long Heart Bookmark

Long Heart Bookmark This long Heart Bookmark is made with a rectangular sheet of paper. The dimensions of the paper is not critical so as long as the paper is big enough for you to work with. A long rectangle will produce a longer stem on the heart. A wider sheet of paper will give… Continue reading Long Heart Bookmark

Loopy Heart

Loopy Heart   Learn to make a Loopy Heart using four strips of paper. This is a weaving project great for Valentine’s Day and other expressions of love. It is not a hard project but it does take a bit of patience. Expect to try it 2 or 3 times before you can remember it… Continue reading Loopy Heart

Origami Hearts

Origami Hearts These origami hearts are made available by the origami community at large. If you have a model that you would like to share, or if you see your model here and would like it removed, please Contact Us. Diagrams are intended for personal use. Copyright of the models lie with the origami creators… Continue reading Origami Hearts