Origami Easter Cross

Origami Easter Cross Instructions This origami Easter Cross is a traditional model. You can also use palm leaves to make the cross; this tradition being common during Palm Sunday. You will need a long strip of paper that is of ratio 1:30. This means that if you use a strip of paper that is 1… Continue reading Origami Easter Cross

Origami Blow-Up Bunny

Origami Blow-Up Bunny   Learn to make an origami blow-up bunny which you inflate by blowing air into a hole. This model is similar to the Balloon Bunny; both are variations of the waterbomb base.   Origami Blow-Up Bunny Instructions Make a waterbomb base: start with a square sheet of paper with colored-side facing up.… Continue reading Origami Blow-Up Bunny

Origami Balloon Bunny

Origami Balloon Bunny Instructions   Learn to make an Origami Balloon Bunny which is inflated so it is 3-dimensional and not flat. This model is based on the classic waterbomb base. It is not hard to make and the results are sure to please!     Origami Balloon Bunny Instructions Make a waterbomb base: start… Continue reading Origami Balloon Bunny

Traditional Origami Rabbit

Traditional Origami Rabbit This traditional origami rabbit is cute and easy to make. You can probably make it in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes, simple is best. The model can be made flat, or it can be made to stand upright. Traditional Origami Rabbit Instructions If you are using origami paper, start with the white-side… Continue reading Traditional Origami Rabbit

Origami Rabbit Face

Origami Rabbit Face This Origami Rabbit Face works best when you use origami paper because it is different color on the back and front of the paper. The ability to change the colors of the ears is sweet!     Rabbit Face Instructions Start with a sheet of origami paper with the color-side facing up.… Continue reading Origami Rabbit Face

Easter Origami

Easter Origami Too bad Easter Origami can’t be demonstrated in the form of folded chocolate! Nope, “origami” is the folding of “kami” which is “paper” in Japanese. No folded chocolates here, just folded paper. But if you want to see some edible origami, click here. Rabbits and Bunnies Bunny (T Stamm) Bunny (TP Kong) Ballon… Continue reading Easter Origami